Worldwide AstroFest: Mission to the Trojan Asteroids (replay)

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On Thursday, 14 October at 7:30pm BST (1830 GMT/2:30pm EDT) join us for a special Worldwide AstroFest online event to preview the first mission to explore the Trojan asteroids. NASA’s Lucy mission is scheduled for launch on 16 October from Cape Canaveral. During its 12 year mission the probe will visit one main belt asteroid and seven Trojan asteroids. The Trojan asteroids orbit in two “swarms” that lead and follow Jupiter in its orbit around the Sun and are thought to be comparable in number to the objects in the main asteroid belt.

Speakers include:
Cathy Olkin, Lucy deputy principal investigator
Hal Weaver, Principal Investigator for the Lucy’s Long Range Reconnaissance Imager
Elena Adams, Mission Systems Engineer for DART, an asteroid deflection mission, which launches next month

The event will be hosted by Stuart Clark and Lucie Green. You be able to put your questions to

As an added bonus, the AstroFest team will return to the internet airwaves on Saturday, 16 October for a special broadcast so you can watch the launch of Lucy live from Cape Canaveral. We’ll get expert commentary from Professor Alan Fitzsimmons of Queen’s University Belfast who has spent most of his career following asteroids and comets.

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