Worldwide AstroFest: The seach for life (replay)

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On Thursday, 18 November, at 7:30pm GMT, join us on the search for life in the Universe. The question of whether there is other life in the Universe is one of the most tantalising we can ask. For centuries we have looked to the stars and wondered about the possibilities of life on other worlds. But where that has mostly been speculation in the past, now science is being brought to bear on the problem. This special Worldwide AstroFest event welcomes three eminent speakers who have all looked at the possibility of life elsewhere. It promises to be truly fascinating, mind-expanding evening. Our hosts, Stuart Clark and Lucie Green, will be joined by speakers Dr Emily Drabek-Maunder, Professor Michael Garrett and Dr Natalie Starkey. You will be able to put your questions to the speakers.

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